AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios

AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios


Language: English

Assessment: Yes

Learn how to make AJAX requests from the most popular JavaScript libraries including jQuery and Axios

What Will I Learn?

AJAX using JavaScript Libraries jQuery and Axios – FreeCourseSite

  • Get and post data using AJAX
  • Use jQuery AJAX functionality
  • Use Axios AJAX functionality
  • Build applications using AJAX
  • Send data and receive responses and output response content


  • JavaScript and Web development
  • Web editor
  • Internet Access


Learn about AJAX and how to make requests for data using jQuery or Axios. These are the two most popular libraries that make AJAX easy to add and work with within JavaScript.  They solve the problem of cross-browser differences in XHR requests and provide a seamless easy to apply experience when using AJAX

Once you start using jQuery or Axios for AJAX you will see how easy AJAX can be to add to your web pages.

With options for getting and POST both provide an easy way for AJAX.

The course provides several examples of how to connect to web APIs and retrieve data for your web applications.