Android Reverse Engineering

Android Reverse Engineering


Language: English

Assessment: Yes

Those who are interested in reversing Android apps should take this course.

What you’ll learn

Android Reverse Engineering

  • Learn how to reverse java Android apps.
  • Learn how to turn around Android apps that use flutter.
  • You learn how to make Android apps that don’t work.
  • Learn how to use different tools for reversing Android apps.
  • Learn how to hack Android apps.
  • Make sure you know the basics of smali so you can turn things back around.
  • Learn how to do ARM reversing for Android
  • This will help you learn how to solve Android ctf problems.


  • Assumed: You know how to do some programming.
  • A computer with Windows on it.


As Android security is becoming more and more important, it’s very important to learn how to reverse engineer Android apps. In this short course, we’ll teach you how to start your journey in Android reverse engineering. As a first step, we’ll talk about some of the most important tools for Android reverse engineering. Then, we’ll talk about things like decompiling, learning about smali, patching apps, and so on. You will learn how to get the source code from a program that has been decompiled and understand how it works.

We won’t be wasting half of our time setting up labs in this class. We’re going to start right away with our topics. Also, I won’t be wasting your time by telling you about useless things and theories that don’t help you at all! This is a very hands-on class, so we’ll learn a lot about how to reverse our own custom-made crack me apps rather than just reading about it in theory and slides.

Unlike in the past, many apps are now built with react native and flutter. So, we’ll do something called “reverse flutter.” We’ll also react to native apps. We will also be going backwards. tools like Ghidra can be used to make things.

After taking this course, I’m sure you’ll be able to reverse, understand, and patch basic Android apps. You will be able to do some simple Android reverse engineering tasks.

NOTE: This is a long-term course, and new material will be added each week.

Who this course is for:

  • Players of CTF.
  • Bug Hunters.
  • People who are interested in safety.
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to reverse engineer Android.