Arduino Temperature Control for Android

Arduino Temperature Control for Android


Language: English

Assessment: Yes


What you’ll learn

Android Studio for Arduino: Temperature Control

  • Bluetooth-based temperature control hardware parts and how they work together
  • Using a Bluetooth module, we read sensor data and send this data over serial pins.
  • Using Bluetooth Adapter, you can turn on Bluetooth and see which Bluetooth devices have been paired.
  • Learn how using Bluetooth Socket, you can connect your Android device to the HC-05 module.
  • The Bluetooth network is used to send and receive data
  • Data is shown in Text View and custom Progress Bar Upper and Lower Thresholds were made. Temperatures coming in and setting
  • Using Music Player to set off an alarm.
  • Sending data from an Android app to an Arduino so that LEDs can be controlled.


  • Coding experience
  • Understanding of Arduino based control


This course is for anyone who wants to make an Android app that can control hardware-based systems through Bluetooth. You might be a student who wants to work on an interesting project or an engineer who wants to learn more about this field. You might also be a person who wants to make a smart product but doesn’t know how to do it. Each way, this is the best way to start this journey.

This course is made up of both hardware and software parts, which help you understand the whole concept and be aware of how the whole thing works. You will not use App Inventor to make your Android mobile app. In the tutorials, all of the parts are explained in a way that you can understand, but not in a way that is correct.

If you want to learn how to use Android Studio for Arduino to make things, this is the class for you. if you want to work on projects that make a difference and improve your skills in the field of smart systems, this course will give you enough background. Then we can start this journey together.

Who this course is for:

  • Students, engineers, and anyone else who wants to make systems that are smart can take this class. It’s for people like that.