Build Modern Responsive Website with JavaScript

Build Modern Responsive Website with JavaScript


Language: English

Assessment: Yes

What Will I Learn?

Build Modern Responsive Website with JavaScript Free Course Site

  • able to create modern looking one-page smooth scrolling website
  • you able to create custom animated page pre-loader
  • able to create a modern mobile navigation menu


  • Web browser
  • Text editor
  • Beginner level of HTML and JavaScript


The idea behind smooth scrolling websites is that all content is placed on one page, while only a portion of it is displayed to the user at a given time. When you click on a link, instead of loading a whole new page you can watch the content smoothly slide away. This video course will teach you how you can implement smooth scrolling to your website. You will learn how to use HTML5 to set up website heading. Then with the help of JavaScript, you will learn how to code a page pre-loader and smooth scrolling functionality.
Next, you will learn how to create and style a sample profile content, contact form, and code mobile-friendly menu navigation again with the help of JavaScript.The course is suitable for people who would like to implement a single page application website as a portfolio or in a startup landing page. So, let’s start creating your custom smooth scrolling website.

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