How To Create 2D Defender Game With Unity & C

How To Create 2D Defender Game With Unity & C


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How to Make a 2D Defender Game with Unity and C#

What you’ll learn

How To Create 2D Defender Game With Unity & C#

  • For your game, you need to have a sound system
  • Making the Main Menu
  • Understanding how a defender game works.
  • UI


  • require a pc


Using Unity and C#, you will learn how to make a full UI Menu System and a Defender Game.

In this course, you won’t just be learning programming concepts. You’ll also be putting these concepts to use in real-world game development. You will have access to a forum where you can talk about the things you learned in the course and what to do next.

At the end of this class, you will be able to make things like:

  1. How to build a UI screen.
  2. There is an Options Menu with a start and an exit button on it.
  3. When you play this game, you’ll be able to change the volume and it will be saved in your player preferences at the same time.
  4. Change the graphics settings in your games.
  5. Pause the menu.
  6. How to make an enemy and find your way around.
  7. Make towers with an AI system by following these steps
  8. Make a window called “Lose & Win.”
  9. Game speed up to make it more interesting for people to play
  10. upgrading towers and making them more powerful
  11. and more.

Let me help you learn how to become a game developer today.

This class is for:

  1. Anyone who wants to make a UI system in Unity can do it.
  2. People who want to make and sell their own games.
  3. If you’re a developer and you want to learn how to make games.
  4. People want to work in the game design field.
  5. People who are skilled and confident with computers.
  6. Many more things will be added to this project soon.